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Before you book your trip, Here are 5 Faux Pas not to do in France. Cultural awareness and respect goes a long way when traveling, keep reading to learn about what NOT to do in France. France has a particular set of rules, manners and customs that makes its society work in that je ne sais quois way. The very word “etiquette” is French.

  1. Don’t Forget to Greet the Shopkeeper . In some countries, it’s okay to just nod, smile or ignore the staff when you walk into a shop. Things are a bit more formal and polite in France. When you walk in and out of a small boutique, bakery or shop, you should always acknowledge the clerk with a crisp bonjour – better yet,” bonjour Madame or Monsieur.” Mercis are always appreciated as well. Skipping this vital step will not win you good service and may indeed be igniting an attitude you’ll no doubt receive because of it.

2. Don’t Touch the produce at le Marché. Strolling through a local fruit & veggie market is one of the many simple pleasures awaiting you in France. Everything is so fresh, so appealing, so artfully displayed, However be warned that poking, prodding or picking up the produce is a big non-non here. There’s an unspoken hands-off policy at a French marché. Just point to what you would like and let the vendor pick up the produce for you.

3. An enveloping hug is mostly reserved for lovers and close family, so don’t bear hug a new acquaintance as a gesture of camaraderie. It might be misconstrued. No hugging allowed but an air kiss on each cheek is an acceptable greeting especially between women.

 4. So you’ve made a French friend and they’ve invited you to their house or apartment for dinner. Back home you wouldn’t dream of showing up empty handed, so you purchase a bottle of wine as a token hostess gift. Faux pas! To the French, this is a bit of an insult implying that they don’t know the proper wine to serve at their own party. Also, let your host do the pouring and refilling of wine glasses.

5. Don’t Expect the Waiter to Bring You the Bill

The French are very laissez fair about hanging out in cafes, bistros or restaurants as long as you’d like. There’s no pressure to turn tables here, and so you can nurse a glass of wine or a cup of coffee to spend all day at a coveted spot on a sidewalk table should you choose. The flip side is the waiter won’t anticipate your need for the bill or present it to you in a timely manner unless you specifically ask for it. To them, handing out the check is akin to rushing you out the door. They’re not necessarily ignoring you, neglecting you or providing poor service. They’re just happy to have you linger.

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